Monday, 8 October 2012

Touchback by Don Handfield: 5+ stars

Let me just say right off that this goes on my Highly-recommended-and-I’ll-tell-everyone-I-know-to-read-it list. Yes, I have just such a list. It’s not very long. This book definitely makes it on.

So I guess you can say I really, really liked this book. 

The basic premise is familiar: what if you were given a second chance to change the moment that destroyed your life? That’s exactly what Murphy, a former high school football star, gets. Two completely different futures hinge on what he decides. He’s okay with that, but what he didn’t expect was that either way, a sacrifice is required.

This book works on several levels: as a story about second chances; superb character development and descriptions; as a reflection on what sacrifice and love really are; and ultimately about figuring out what’s really important. This is an easy read with profound consequences. Go buy it.

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