Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Cassidy Jones and the Vulcan’s Gift, by Elise Stokes: 5 star

I hate giving 5 stars. Here’s why:
a)     There are people out there who suspect that 5 stars are from best friends or review swaps or paid for etc (I write only honest reviews, with no incentives or favours given or received); and
b)    What if the author’s next book is even better and you can’t give out more stars?!

But sometimes I just can’t resist. This is definitely one of those times. I loved this book! Seriously, and I’m not a young adult. In ‘Cassidy Jones and the Vulcan’s Gift’, Cassidy and Emery are back for more adventure as they try to capture a runaway tiger and stop an evil plot that could lead to world domination. What’s not to love, right?

More specifically, I loved the complex characters that Elise Stokes has created. Even the ‘minor’ characters are real and have a life. Cassidy and Emery don’t fit into the typical YA lit stereotype, in which one character (usually the girl) is waiting to be rescued or protected by the other; nor are they trying to prove anything or kill off another tribe or gang or whatever. I like how Cassidy’s family is united without being sappy about it. The parents are actually intelligent and connected with their kids’ lives. There’s a good balance of adventure, mystery, drama and humour with a touch of romance (but not too much, thank heavens).

What I don’t like: Book #3 isn’t out yet. Ugh. I want more.

Definitely highly recommended for anyone looking for a fun read! 

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