Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hollowland, by Amanda Hocking: 5 stars

A deadly mutation of the rabies virus has wrecked havoc on the world, transforming the victims into monsters resembling zombies from a B movie. The only safe place to live is in military controlled compounds. Unfortunately, the compound Remy lives in has just been overrun with zombies and now she’s on the run through a hellish landscape of monsters, weirdoes and escaped circus lions.

This book pulled me right in, immersing me in this new world that Remy and her friends struggled to survive. I loved how Remy was such a strong character. I have to admit to being a little jumpy reading it when I was in a quiet house at night and wondering if that was the dog barking or the death cough of a zombie. 

Intense and absorbing, I recommend this book, unless you’re by yourself, at night, with strange sounds outside…

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